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The hunter becomes the hunted.

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Their faces, I just can’t


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Dylan, Will, Kaya and Thomas play Fugitive x

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Anonymous: the one hope i have for s5 is that s4 was supposed to be lydiacentric and look how well that turned out (as in i think lydia actually appeared least on screen lmao) so maybe they'll fail as badly again

i got a couple asks like this, but look, if it’s gonna be about finding malia’s mom they barely have another choice than have malia occupying like 25-50% screentime of an average episode. i don’t have high hopes for lydia and derek getting notably more screentime than last season (which was about 10-15% AT MOST) and since malia is still with stiles and jeff absolutely loves them together i don’t think they’re gonna break up in s5. stiles usually has a lot of screentime compared to others, and if s5 is gonna be malia-centric it’s gonna fucking reek of stalia everywhere; in other words malia will have about just as much screentime as stiles.

i have no idea how jeff is gonna further scott’s ridiculous heroic plot (i’m so sorry, i love scott he’s my puppy, i’m just pissed off by this whole no killing policy bc he’s ‘the good guy’ which is fucking bullshit, even heroes have to kill sometimes) but the hints that s5 is gonna be about the desert wolf were already strong in s4, so i think finding that bitch is gonna be the main plot of the season. which pushes malia in the spotlight. lmao

(i’m sorry that’s my worst case scenario)

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Anonymous: Can malia just die already

can nogi return already and slay malia for being a traitor while she has to look at stiles’ face as she bleeds to death (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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wow i just accidentally deleted my post like i didn’t just accidentally went on delete i also accidentally went on yes

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Lydia Martin Appreciation Week: day 1 - favourite moments & quotes. 

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You’ve heard rumors that I’m not as strong as I used to be.”

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